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How to Break Through in Trading

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Become an elite member of this forum. Best two ES points you’ll ever spend. Read the spoos thread, big mikes advice and ask any question threads, and inletcap’s stuff. Those opened up whole new galaxies for me and taught me to see the markets in ways I never imagined.

Excellent advice. I do suggest you take it. The lifetime membership to Elite is $100, exactly what you'd make/lose on 2 points of ES movement. It lets you get into a huge trove of practical, real-world experience.

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By the way, you'll see differing points of view in this thread: some people will say to backtest, and some people will say not to backtest (don't look in the rearview mirror, etc.)


Ultimately, you have to decide with what makes YOU feel comfortable, something that "fits" your personality. For some people (Typically more analytical thinkers like engineers, scientists, doctors, etc like to backtest. More artistic types do not like to backtest as much, typically) backtesting is the way to go. For others, not.

Whatever you decide, just do not base your decision on what you think is easier (that is what most people do). The easy short cut road is usually more expensive in the long run.

More excellent advice. You will find an enormous number of answers being offered, no matter what you try. It's not something that you can expect to be given to you, by a mentor or someone's method or book, or any other way. If it were that easy, everyone would be a millionaire, right?

So, with all that variety, you will need to make decisions about what makes the most sense to you. Then what?

@Big Mike's signature block includes some very good pointers:

1) Stop changing things. No new indicators, charts, or methods. Be consistent with what is in front of you first.
2) Start a journal and post to it daily with the trades you made to show your strengths and weaknesses.
3) Set goals for yourself to reach daily. Make them about how you trade, not how much money you make.
4) Accept responsibility for your actions. Stop looking elsewhere to explain away poor performance.

The first point may be the best: when you're absolutely consistent with something, you at least can know whether it works for you, as you are executing it, and you have a chance at finding out what is really good about it, and what you need to change. (You may have to toss it overboard entirely, which is fine too, once you are sure about how you really are executing it.)

Last advice: don't expect advice to work for you. You'll need to find your own way. Take some steps and see where you go.

Good luck, and I do mean that.


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