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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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Pretty much agree.

I think you're being too nice to these guys runnng trading rooms. I'm pretty sure that none of them are profitable, or even trade. Why should they bother? There are much easier ways to make money.

My comment about no one publishing their live results was directed at traders posting here on the FIO forum, not the world in general or the "gurus," and was just in agreement with @matthew28's remark that you don't see much reporting of live TST-backed trading results here (or any other trading results), and that you shouldn't be surprised about that. People do want to keep their private business private.

There are trading journals here on FIO where the trader openly discusses his/her results; some are SIM, some are live trading. You get more of that in the Elite section, where traders tend to be more serious in their degree of commitment to the community (not to say non-Elite members are necessarily not serious, and no criticism is meant to someone who is not Elite, which is obviously a personal choice.) But I think most traders aren't going to expose themselves to public scrutiny, and I can't blame them.

Most traders aren't even going to expose themselves to posting anything at all, and I can't really blame them for that either.


I have to say - that this whole BS thing of NOT showing results by ROOM OPERATORS /GURU's Pisses me off -
some use the old BullShit excuse of the SEC or Futures comittee of some sort not allowing them because they manage other peoples money - now why is it BS?

1. Because no one is asking them to show the accounts that they supposedly manage - nor how much money is in it - we are asking them HOW MUCH the "GURU" makes!!!

2. If Warren Buffet or Bill Gates tell Forbes magazine how much their NET WORTH is in BILLIONS - then these TINY little futures operators even if making a few millions a year - should have NO ISSUE - and PLEASE no IRS coming after them because they advertise how much they make - this is an insult to our intelligence - basically pissing on our heads telling us is raining

Just my 2c

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