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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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I can't recall one person who kept a (posted) journal and who passed a combine and passed prefunding and passed funded and came back to say how much in cheques they received once fund (over their cumulative tuition to get funded).

If anyone know of one I'd like to hear of it please.

Hello aquarian1,

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There are many traders that pass the TST combine and soon I will be one of them.

The biggest challenege is the drawdown. But from my experience , its best to ignore the drawdown and find a trading method or system that has proven and profitable historical results. And this can not be done without some form of back testing. The drawdown is unavoidable. It may happen the first week of trading or 1 year later.

In my opinion, find a profitable trading system fit for TST rules with a reasonable drawdown ($2k to $5K) and give it a go.

If TST drawdown gets hit, just pay the $100 to reset account and keep on going. For example, if I find a trading system with $5K drawdown over about 1000 back tested trades, I would let that system run in TST in the $50K account with $2K drawdown.

At $100 reset for hitting drawdown, if I reset about 4 times, I that is enough to logical say this system is no longer no good.

Makes sense. This is just my opinion from trading in TST for about 6 months unsuccessful. I focused too much on hurrying to get funded and took stupid risk.

It's best to pay the $160 a month and let the trading method do its thing. The same way a discipline trader would do if have $5000 capital in broker account.

All in all, I rather pay $160 per month and few $100 resets, then use my own capital. It just make good business sense to me. Of course the risk is that my system is non performance for about +1 years never hitting drawdown, just flat. LOL

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