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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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I might be wrong, but to me a rough Sharpe Ratio calculation is approximately the ratio of the maximum percentage drawdown to the maximum percentage return; so over the course of a year if you suffer a 10% live drawdown and generate a 30% return your Sharpe will be roughly 3; given the current risk-free rate is so low.

However, after reviewing the the TopStep program requirements, I was wrong as the requirements are in fact 1/1 or ($1,500 to $1,500) for the $30k Combine and 1/2 ($4,500 to $9,000) for the $ much less than I stated. But the point of why I made the comment was to try to make people aware of a constraint that I didn't fully appreciate when I tried out for mine, which is to do a full analysis of your risk/reward for consistency before committing to pay a fee testing something that might not survive. At least for me since I had real trouble deciding which Combine to do, the drawdown-to-profit ratio is a key difference between the Combine sizes.

I totally agree with you pays a fee and not a guarantee of gain and even succeed the combination I find it not very fair already if we have a strategy and money management and a psychological of a trader impossible to survive on the walk and do and be profitable and earn money on the long run already 98% trader loses because-that is important factor to succeed most people believe that trading know of gambling while a trade like other job I think TST has done badly the thing mostly By paying a fee to be tested already have a battalion of trader can generate huge profit even I find it we made that 5 million of profit years old spends I find very skinny I think giving the chance to the trader without having to pass the combine proves his competence and something good for them otherwise I think that other actor will understand this and scrape off part of walking

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