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NT8 Coder wanted for indicator idea

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NT8 Coder wanted for indicator idea

Greetings Team,

I am looking for a coder that can create what I think is an easy to make indicator. The indicator will work with range charts. I want it to be able to give a sound alert if there is a change of direction outside normal keltner channel settings.

I want it to work like this....ie you are trading ES....and there has been a breakout to the upside....the move is so powerful that your range candles start forming outside the top of the keltner channel. Obviously all green in an upward move. At some stage the move will reverse. The reversing of the move will then be the creating of a red range bar.

What I want the indicator to do, is to play a wav. file....if the forming of the reverse range bar either totally or partially outside the top border of the keltner channel. Obviously, it would also work the same manner for short plays.

Anyone have the NT8 skills to assist me with this?

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