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Experienced Orderflow traders: What's a good cut & reverse drill performance?

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I would judge my performance based on how close my reverse was to the actual pivots. Compare to what the mode rotation is in your instrument. So in ZB it's 4-5 ticks. I want my reversal to be less than 4-5 ticks from where it actually pivoted. Preferably 1-2 ticks. That's when you're doing better than just random. But I think part of the exercise is to help you realize that you simply can't pick the pivot every time. You start to realize when it would be better to just not be in the market.

Absolutely agree - I would also bear in mind that the pivots you trade doing cut & reverse might not be visible on the chart.

A single "up" candle on a 5 min chart might contain a number of micro reversals that are tradable. Doesn't mean you have to but they are there.

I would also not be too concerned about nailing "low of day" type pivots - which are by nature a lot more messy on many markets.

I agree with what you say about not being able to pick it every time - but you should actually be able to do a reverse on every pivot - the concept of "missing one" might be a bit misleading. You cannot "miss" a turn - you can be early or late. Late does not mean bad either. Think about it - you miss the low of the day on Crude by 4 ticks and then it runs up 100 - perhaps the "miss" by 4 ticks is just 4 ticks worth of confirmation and an entry 5 or 6 ticks from the low is actually the premium one.

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