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Australian SPI 200 Futures market dynamics

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Can anybody help me with this thought.I have a feeling that all markets move in an adverse direction purely by the negative emotional thinking of worrying traders.As thoughts are energy and the whole market is just made up universally of traders thought energy.Is this possible?,just as splitting atoms has a contagion effect on a massive scale on other atoms.I think this is possible as the whole world,including markets is just made up of electrically charged atoms of energy.I feel that a nervous person has this ability to stall markets for the above reason.Can anybody help me with this analogy.The reason I am starting to think that this is so is because of my stops being triggered, trading all time frames 80% of the time. I have tried placing them at the most unlikely spot,say 10 points or more past recent highs or lows,most times a long way of the current entry price,and also just mental stops,All to no avai.l I get stopped and immediately the market reverses and moves in the original direction of the trade Harveys "Help"

If you get stopped all the time i would suggest its not your stop but your entry , You give no clue to style of trading or time frame used . More info required . I am australian and i trade the xjo / asx200 / spi

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