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More Ninjascript webinars?

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berlin germany
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shodson View Post
What sort of topics would you like to see covered in a NT8 webinar?

I'm thinking I could program some strategies that demonstrate different types of exits and position size/management, like how to program

- trailing stops
- time stops
- daily profit/loss stops
- dynamic position sizing by volatility, account size, what else?
- integrating indicators, which one(s)?

What else would you like to see covered? It has to be something that kind of interests me too so don't take offense if I don't take your suggestion.

Thanks a lot Scott for your generosity! All the above are great and if possible, I would like to see the following intergrated to your topics.
1. tools and methods that could speed up coding
2. share your experience on debugging, minimizing memory usage and preventing NT8 malfunction/errors
3. i/o operations to harddrive, raw historical data files, eg creating a log file (text based) on when an indicator hits a threshold for a specific instrument and order details if an order is placed
4. if possible, pls demo to us on how to build a chartless "manager" (running in background) that monitors 20 stocks each with an indicator. This manager has the ability to give out an on-screen and audio alert when the indicator reaches a threshold.
5. the best way to config NT8 with IB to prevent IB from logging out (without using 3rd party utilities)
6. computer secuirty practices under ninjascript and how to expand ninjascript by calling other c# functions

I learnt a lot from your past webinars and i am still re-watching them. I look forward to learn more from you! Thanks in advance! :-)

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