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More Ninjascript webinars?

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What sort of topics would you like to see covered in a NT8 webinar?

I'm thinking I could program some strategies that demonstrate different types of exits and position size/management, like how to program

- trailing stops
- time stops
- daily profit/loss stops
- dynamic position sizing by volatility, account size, what else?
- integrating indicators, which one(s)?

What else would you like to see covered? It has to be something that kind of interests me too so don't take offense if I don't take your suggestion.

Dynamic position sizing based on number of consecutive wins/losses, for the day, week, ticks won in a given trade, etc. Like the risk management strategy FuturesTrader71 described in his scalping webinars. (although that probably counts as advanced ninjascripting :P :P Maybe even super advanced if it can even **BE** done. )

stacking indicators such as momentum of the CCI, or detecting divergence changes between the 2 lines of the SMI compared to the price changes of the candlesticks or even Renko bars.

Trailing stops based on a specific number of bars ago (rather than the average of bars ago) ATR (both options would be coolest) and how you would go about setting that trailing stop to climb tick by tick resetting itself in the event of a sudden volume spike that causes price to jump by 10 points or protect you if it should suddenly fall by the same amount. Basically to show people how to protect themselves through things like the AM8:30 Wednesday reports, on Crude Oil. (which can spike anywhere between 8:25 and 8:50, and be SUUUUPER volatile)

Later on it might be cool to do a webinar on how to automate the reading of the order book/footprint indicators and incorporating those numbers, S/R zones, and divergences, into an automated strategy, or at least an automatically marking/alerting indicator. But, that at least, is still miles over my head, even if someone else might get a ton of knowledge out of it.

I totally realize you aren't being paid to do this by ninja trader, (unless I'm missing something) or for that matter any of the rest of us, so I'll gratefully accept pretty much anything you decide to do. .... but these are my ideas of what a cool webinar series of topics might look like. With TREMENDOUS Gratitude and L O T S of beer if we should ever meet in person .... Thank you very much dude!!!

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