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How is futures volume reported (split/combined/?)

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How can they see the level composition? I thought it's forbidden.
If they can, is there a possibility that "change" is indeed a big order divided into small orders by some algo mechanism? In this case to buy it could be a mistake...

But still we know (do we?) that there are people who consistently make money. Maybe that's because of proper risk management and self-control?

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That's why statistical methods, machine learning etc. exist - they generate e.g. an ex ante slippage estimate
of order flow behavior and only execute if the estimate is close to zero. A human trader can't even blink in the
meantime. Since ex ante is only an estimate, ex post they will also be wrong from time to time - but extremely
rarely compared with retail sheep that try to compete in the same arena.

Ad good trading: @Big Mike has stressed that point a million times in his posts: An important step in the
development of a trader is the insight that good trading doesn't depend on indicators or on any other
methods that are hyped by brokers, software vendors and the like.

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