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How is futures volume reported (split/combined/?)

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Could you please elaborate on the above?
And what do you mean saying "wipe trades"? Most readings on the tape are similar to above example (1,1,2,4,1,7 etc.), does it mean most of trades on the opposite side are "wipe trades"?

Do you mean tape reading isn't working any more for retail traders?

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Wipe trade is a term that institutions use when they buy large parts or the complete top level
of the order book if it only consists of small change so that there is virtually no danger that any
of the counterparties is knowing anything that they don't. Like one mops the floor they just wipe
off the small change (the wiped trades).

Regarding tape reading: If you take a look at e.g. Velez/Capra books of the millennium, they
already show many of the tools that have trickled down to retail software in the meantime.
But as always the professional leaders like Blackrock, Bridgewater, Goldman Sachs etc. have
established other and more sophisticated techniques long ago. So it appears cute when retail
traders regularly show up at algo battles with bow and arrow.

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