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IS prop trading an issue?

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The session was very informative, Thanks a ton for arranging it Mike.

Is prop trading such a big issue? Wouldn't most companies be engaging in some kind of prop trading?

Hi this is a great question. I am Lynette and I will answer this question. Why is prop trading an issue?

Prop trading itself is not an issue, but it could potentially lead to conflicts of interests when firms have both prop trading as well as brokerage business i.e. serving customer business itself. The goals of prop trading vs the goals of serving customers are different; for prop trading, you make money from trading the firms money/capital and for brokerage business, you make money from servicing your customers.

There’s fear from some investors/regulators when companies engage in both customer business and prop trading as there’s a possibility that some companies may not manage their risks or conflicts of interest well, which in turn, may lead to all sorts of trouble like front-running (making the trade ahead of the client in order to profit ); use the trading information of the client, in some form, to trade ; or (in a small number of cases) take big bets against the market with company's capital at the expense of protecting the best interests of their customers. One has to one has to understand those risks & conflicts in order to manage it well.

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