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The Electronic Local method

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I looked in on El' a few times over the course of this year. If he can't trade he certainly can spin a good tale. Teaching his daughter to trade. "Kiki" that's a nice name, and a programmer, what luck. She's a quick student. Then of my, there's a son? He's very ill and lives in Australia. I don't know if he's been cured or still exists. This website is not about selling anything. Oh, why not, potential students have pleaded for help. Why you have to get your name in right away so that you won't miss out. Everything is starting to perk along. Now we have a new website and El' is visiting Chicago. There is suddenly a class. Soon we can take a week long holiday at his farm in France and combine that with a European ski holiday.

It's convenient that he's got Kiki to help him and program this new automated trading system which is doing great, but it still needs a little tweaking. He can't ignore that other daughter. You didn't know he has a daughter who just happens to have majored in marketing? She's a real slave driver. Now El's got to get those CD's out as she plans new seminars, etc. "puff, puff, puff."

I was a bit nervy and posted a question about his classes. Trading is just so godawful easy and there's never any mess. He felt sorry for me because I'd obviously suffered and posted selected portions of my post so that his students could ponder my naivete and incivility.

I followed with a more challenging response but that was disregarded. Why do these people engage me? I waste time and stay up late. There are more profitable ways of using my time, like sleeping and putting those guys in a little box and ignoring them. He barely spoke about market flow. I'm such an idiot.

At least his marketing approach shows some skill. Unfortunately there are so many bad websites and system vendors. His website is not bad, I admit that I had some fun reading the Electronic Local Blog. The chart setups are no-nonsense, although he does not show his exact setups.

I have learned something from reading his blog. So I do not blame him for having told me am entertaining story, even if it is not true.

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