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Learning a consistent way of generating profit w/ low risk.

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hi 1st of wish you the best in yr trading and what you would like from yr trading.

i went and checked yr posts. Saw the intro from you.

All platforms are equal....unless needed for a specific cause/point. When one figures what they would like...the platform part is easy. It's the trick of the trade where one needs special attention. I wish there were classes.....but am not sure if there are any which can give a money back guarantee. it however helps if one can get a mentor to guide. also depending on the instrument which one wishes to trade there are some fantastic threads...especially on SPOOS and CL.

below is my useless self talking. If does not suit....pls ignore.
trading if treated as a profession..... means you become a professional and learn the in;s n outs. Pls understand this is how i approached it. but i had to do it myself & watch my behaviors/entry/exits is where my hard earned $s went. however I did not have anyone's backing. So $s lost is poof gone from my pocket. Yes I have lost in the beginning...but due to my arrogance and foolishness of thinking i know the stuff ND MAINLY not cutting a small loss.

when i mention profession...it can be a Dr, engineer, painter, car detailer, etc. All professions are great and have their learning curve and must be learnt. For ex:- i wish i could change my car's oil...but i cannot. I do not know how to. So if i am serious about doing so...i need to learn it.

anyways...coming to the consistent part. One must ask one self. Do I understand why markets r selling off...& why they r rising. And can I spot this and where it may do so..... or is it an after fact. And what is the $s at risk...and what could be made. Does one understand market structure and the basis for an entry / exit. once this is done one must also have the psyco stuff pat which then leads to conviction.

>> Pls do not take any of this as advice....as there are many traders here with a ton of experience... and this is just my rambling.

cheers n wish u the best

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