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Trader at a BBQ

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Jackson, WY
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I share Big Mikes sentiments on this subject. I love this game and there is a certain sense of pride knowing that Ive been through the grinder and come out the other side still determined to join that elite 1% group. Believe me when I say there were many times that I wanted to give up. I was suicidal at one point no jokes. Life at the time was stomping my head in and then to throw petrol on the already raging fire Ė I turned to trading! Its almost comical now when I think about it. Nowadays I donít consider anything other than my success as a trader. I am in the deep end without a life jacket.... 100% committed. Bring it.

But to try and share that with someone that doesnít understand? I dont do it anymore. Its such a deep meaningful subject to me that I donít care to share my opinion with people that are mostly flippant and dismissive about it.

Besides, I can talk the hind leg off a donkey on the subject of engineering or even IT if I have to

Glad you stuck with it GrantX...
Hey, what is the significance of the Anglerfish logo?

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