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Trader at a BBQ

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Trader at a BBQ

Im interested to know how you deal with the ‘What do you do’ question at social events.
So I was at a BBQ yesterday and going through the usual small talk when the inevitable question of employment popped up. Heres how it went:

Other person: So what do you do?

Me: Im a trader.

Other person: So you gamble for a living, haha. I once traded forex and ....
[insert approximately 20 minutes of monologue on how rigged the markets are until eventually Im asked]: So what do you trade?

Me: Actually I trade on the futures market.

Other person: [ignoring my answer] Have you tried Bitcoin?? Bitcoin is amazing! They say its going to be 30,000 in 6 months!!
[Insert about 10 minutes of bitcoin monologue].

Me: Nope. Dont trade bitcoin but Ill look into it. Sounds amazing.

Other person: Yeah man do that! If you had bought $50 two years ago you would be rich now...
[monologue about how rich I would be if I had got in a few years back and how easy the money is]

Me: Sweet. Thanks. Ill try and remember that. Um..Im just going to go over there and get myself a drink Ill catch you later.
[I go somewhere else and get into another conversation].

New person: So what do you do?

Me: Im a tool and die maker.

[End of occupation question]

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