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Big computer setup need to the next step?

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I have 4 monitors and it definitely helps.
There are two things to consider: the power of your PC and the number of monitors that you have.

It all comes down to your trading style.

Multiple monitor considerations:
You have to get the balance right. Too much information and you may as well attempt to translate the Rosetta stone. Too little information and you will miss important cues.
If youre a scalper and are scanning multiple instruments looking for quick entries then multiple monitors is imperative.
If you trade higher timeframes and have the luxury to spend more time analysing the reason for a particular signal then multiple monitors is unnecessary.

The only downside with multiple monitors is that you can be tempted to load up anything and everything because you have so much more real estate. I know this sounds contradictory but the more monitors you have the less you should be looking at. What I mean is that you need to cut back on the amount of indicators you use. Lets consider the popular indicators, MACD, Stoch, RSi and moving average. For every chart you have loaded, you will need to interpret 5 pieces of information (the 5th one is price itself). So if you have 8 charts loaded, then every time you look at your monitors, you have to process a minimum of 40 different pieces of information! A lot of time those signals conflict with each other so you have to find the right balance between useful information and the point at which you are overloading. You really dont want to have to assemble a jigsaw puzzle every time you look at your screens because that leads to frustration which is the gateway to a host of other problems.
The more screens you have the simpler you gotta make it.

Computing power considerations:
Not really much to say about this other than I never see a problem with having too much power. If your budget allows a top end pc then get it, even if you donít really need it.

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