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Cheapest RT DATA-only feed (futures)?

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Susono, Shizuoka
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Cheapest RT DATA-only feed (futures)?

What's the CHEAPEST real time data-only futures feed (broker service not needed)?

My data-service provider selection process is becoming painful so I wanted to ask the community here for relief.

The world of DATA SERVICE providers is confounding for someone whose never previously had to contemplate acquiring one. Firstly, one quickly learns how pricey & expensive data gets. Secondly, the providers themselves are a bit opaque in what they offer and how.... most data provider websites are difficult to navigate and trying to upsell/force some other additional unneeded service and generally give impression that they're reluctant to give data-only.

All I want is pure data to plug into the platform I've chosen, that's all. I don't need or want anything else.
Specifically, I'm looking for real-time futures for ES (S&P 500 future). Who do you recommend, what are you paying?

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