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Conflicting information

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The only way you can ever be in front of price is if you have inside information or you guessed right. What you look for in a spreadsheet is exactly the same thing I look for on a chart just using a different technique. If you only had a single price point to work with your job would be impossible. You have to consider history in some way or other in order to form an opinion on future events. Even the orderflow purists that rah rah about never looking at charts, still need to (almost blasphemously) reference a chart to determine where they stand in the bigger picture. Ive never spreadsheet traded so my point of view is complete speculation

]FBI most wanted list Was that the photo before or after yours. lol

The only way you can ever be in front of price is if you have inside information or you guessed right.

How can anyone know what they don't know? I have a good knowledge of Charting/TA, I was running Metastock in the mid 90s or even earlier, doing end of day feeds for the charts and trading Futures live data off my pager linked to the SFE and other major indexes including the FTSE although there I was doing reasonable size in FTSE100 Index Options hedging with Futures. In those days I had to ring my broker in Sydney to place trades and he would call back to confirm, pretty rudimentary compared to one click exercution now days. I have bookcases worth of books parked in the garage on Charting/TA, game theory,risk management mathematics, ect, and being academically inclined I looove to study/explore. For the same reason I love to play in Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments and make the money very very often, many of the skills I developed in trading enhance Poker performance.

Once I realized the inherent short comings of Price I developed maths based models that work well with what I do specifically, but would be useless as a generic strategy. So I can understand your scepticism but that doesn't mean that you are correct in your assertion in all cases. Just like breeding where generally a male and female are required but in certain limited situations females can reproduce without male input, parden the

Yes in certain circumstances you can get ahead of price by projecting forward. At the end of the day isn't that what all traders are looking for, my experience has taught me that it can't be found with price, maybe other people can but not me.

Cheers John

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