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Instant fills on SL but relatively longer wait for limit orders?

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Had a genuine question as to how most brokers operate in regards to limit orders and stop losses. I've noticed that literally every time I place a limit order, it takes a lot of time to fill even though I queued earlier than the contracts I see. I will get filled when that level clears all contracts including mine, bumping price up to the next level. However, I noticed that when I have my stop losses in, then my order gets filled INSTANTLY. Even if I am 400th contract on the DOM, I get filled as soon as the price immediately hits offer I get stopped. So, can anyone explain why this is the case? Are brokers responsible for these executions? Or do all brokers operate this way? Is this a default thing? Preference? Really curious.

Most stop orders are market orders that gets filled the moment market touches that price even once.

Not sure about the limit order issue, I think it could just be that you are in the middle of the que but the orders that came in after you are mostly fake orders or purposely cancelled once that price starts trading, hence giving the appearance by the time your order gets filled, the price has traded through.

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