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Trading mini Nikkei - MJNK through Ninjatrader 7

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Let me try and clear this up for you regarding historical data. IT needs a server, CQG or any data vendor is giving you level I or II or both, but they don't provide historical unless you use their platforms (i.e. CGQ will give historical data on their platform $$$) and access their historical data servers. Ninjatrader have their own historical data servers for most popular product, excepting the SPI and the MJNK...and whatever else they deem as "unpopular".

You have the ability to save chart data as historical in NT but obviously it takes years to build up "years" of historical chart data, hense the term historical.

Can't imagine it any more simple than this, you either start building your own data or switch to a platform that has the historical data.

Can't comment on Sierra's historical data but if its consistent with everything else they so i'd have a high expectation.

xiaosi, thank you for your answer. Yes, but in my situation I use advanced indicators that are developed for NT only, so I am limited to what NT offers. That is why I would be more then happy if NT supported historical data for SPI and MJNK.
Do you perhaps have SPI and MJNK historical data for NT? I am also trying to find someone that have saved this data over time on their computer, there must be someone that has it.
I am also looking through the 3rd party vendors and sent an email to MarketReplay.NET | Market Replay data download multiple days for NinjaTrader platform to find out if they have access to these instruments, even if it deals mostly with market replay data.

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