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Must have books for "Price Action" trading.

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I think the real reason why most educators/trading rooms do not show performance is because there is no profitable real performance to show.

Because of that, they invent a thousand untrue excuses why it is illegal to show performance. And most sheep fall for the sweet talking slime bag educator. People want to believe these fraudsters make money from trading - but most do not, they make it from the education fees.

I had a conversation with some knucklehead vendor a few weeks ago about this. This vendor interpreted a Ninja ecosystem statement "cannot show performance unless conditions X, Y and Z are met" to mean "cannot show performance EVER." When confronted with the truth about showing performance, the vendor eventually slithered away - without disclosing any performance. Pretty typical.

I agree - 95% of the vendors out there are scam artist. And you are absolutely right about why they do not show results.

Guess I will have to do some more research! Nice talking to you.


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