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You lost your mind!? My quotes and arguments about trading

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Everything is much simpler. A large buyer bought all the sales on the upper border of the trend channel

Why call it beautiful names?

Because once you understand and appreciate the fractal nature of patterns and the orders of magnitude involved in larger timeframe moves that exhibit exactly the same characteristics, but with millions of players involved, you realise that there is never 'one big buyer'; just many thousands of players that are always going to get taken advantage of owing to their inappropriate degree of optimism or pessimism.

I find it just as amusing as the volume profile and order flow religions; did a volume profile ever tell a price where to go?, or rather is a volume profile simply the shape it is because of where price went and how much got traded at each level. In other words it is just as lagging as any other indicator, just built in Price/Volume 2D space rather than Price/Time 2D space.

Likewise order flow is a great tool to see what was happening, who was aggressive or passive, strong or weak and so forth. But it still won't tell you which way price will eventually go.

Why? Because neither tool or any approach that says 'it was because of the market makers' will tell you anything about why buyers and sellers in the large might have changed their minds.

And also because I like poetry.

Markets exist because we're all different. Cycles exist because humans can't see them and certainly don't believe in them. History happens because nobody thinks it's worth remembering history.


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