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Beginner to Order Flow


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Beginner to Order Flow

Hello all,

For 5 years I trade on Forex market and I dont want to waste my time with it anymore, I got what I need from it, I traded with a couple of live accounts and now I want to move in next league with Futures trading and In particular with Order Flow trading analysis. As you know the Forex and OFA are very different fields, and moving from Technical analysis to Flow is liiiiiiiiitle bit confusing for me, lets say that way- I feel that Im starting to learn something completely NEW.
So for 3 weeks already, I found couple of webinars, blogs and other materials that introduce me what kind of animal is this. But I would ask you if you can direct me to some materials that you think that I must read and learn, and please, if it possible at this point lets they to be free of charge, at furst I will appreciate that very much.
For now I found ( I hope the administrator does not consider the next few words as an ad to the people) Jigsaw site and the video materials there, NoBS and mr. Grady, and mr. Valtos videos. All of them talk about momentum, iceberg and absorption orders, but even from this videos it is hard to turn your mind with these new models, are they all the with the original names, or everyone call them differently?
I have a tousend questions and I will be glad if you can answer even to few of them.

I hope someone to have patience and nerves to help me
(I apologies for my entry level English)