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Anyone knows how to retrieve an unfinished article?

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I must apologize to everyone, if my post is misconstrued.

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hi there vont

Sorry if I don't understand the post above: are you saying that you have a team/trading room somewhere and are you trying to attract people, or did I misunderstand?

No, not at all,
not saying that,
nor implying that either.

I am not an educator in trading biz by any means.
I am also too quick to blame others for my own mistakes, LOL.
Overall, am just too insecure and lash out at people around me
too often for my own insecurity, that I also must freely admit.

Neither do I have a biz team of traders anywhere.

But a stand alone trader, that I am;
trading a few hours a day, usually ending before
New Yorkers head out for sandwiches,
and only four days a week, from Mon to Thurs,
taking Fri which is Shabbat off. When it is Friday am
in EST zone, it is Friday evening SHABBAT already in Asia.

If the post misled you to think otherwise,
it could also mislead many others too,
to think that myself trying to promote my
self-interest, or to induce other wannabes,
or to advertise without joining other vendors
or educators et al, or to take advantages of
FIO good will and good nature.... It is none of the

Thank you very much for raising the question which
allows me to extricate myself. Nevertheless, my humble
apology to you and everyone else who might have surmized
otherwise initially.

Profitable trading to everyone, particularly you, xplorer.

But xplorer, what do you think of the proposed idea,
both from those wanting to learn how to trade profitably
side and the opposite the educators and vendors view point?

Thx much for your time and your posting that very significant
question from FIO standpoint. Thx much again.