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Stage 5 Trading's Anthony Giacomin (Managing Partner) - Ask Me Anything (AMA)

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I know you mentioned Dorman, but what other FCMs are available through S5 Trading? Couldn't find the info on your website. Thanks.


My apologies for the delay in this reply. For some reason I missed this post. Very sorry about that. Two year late is better than never....I hope. :/

Stage 5 works with the following FCMs: Dorman Trading, GAIN Capital Group, Ironbeam, Philliip Capital, and we have some other relationships that are available to us if need be. As an Independent Introducing Broker, we are able to work with many different FCMs which all have different strengths. This gives us the opportunity to customize a trading solution that hopefully best fits each traders unique needs.

I think this is the wholesale - retail business model at its finest. It is very similar to a mortgage broker that can offer loans from many different banks. The mortgage broker specializes in providing customized one on one services allowing them to find one of the best loans available per that individual's scenario (LTV, Credit Score, Income, Net Worth, etc.). Each bank has a different portfolio that creates opportunities with specific loans. Since banks are wholesalers they also don't have the infrastructure to service people individually. Where the mortgage broker's job is based on servicing individuals. A person can walk into a B of A and receive a higher rate than the same loan the mortgage broker can provide. This retail model incentives service. The individual is provided with a better loan, better experience, and better rate than the wholesaling bank can provide. The best part is that the bank then pays the mortgage broker for introducing the business, which I think is a win-win-win.

Stage 5 has multiple clearing relationships to do the exact same. We can offer a wide array of platforms and data feeds. In fact, the S5 Trade Analyzer was created using CQG/Continuum for that exact purpose. This way any trader that uses a platform with CQG/Continuum data can use the S5 Trade Analyzer for free!

I hope that helps and please let us know if you have any questions or we can help with anything further.


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