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The Downside of Trading Futures

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Hey Tom - like the guys above said, biggest disadvantage to futures is leverage and is costly if you are a new trader and not consistently profitable. i recommend sticking with forex until you are, and if you still want to switch to futures switch to the 6E which is the futures contract for EURUSD and mimics closely. the tick size is lower than all other futures markets, and margin is the same.

HOWEVER do not listen to travllr (sorry travllr). i dont know if he is associated with the vendor he mentioned but paying $7,000 to ANYONE or any indicator in this business is obsurd and will not guarantee you anything. trust me i have been there, done that. and all i got was raped. if you are interested in learning price action, i am working on a book and course that is cheap and provides very good and real information. not trying to promote myself but this is an example of why i am doing it. This business is filled with crooks and scam artists who prey on new market entrants, which disgusts me.

Hope this helps

if you find my post helpful please give thanks for journal challenge. the link is below and i am on the first page.

Travllr has just done another GZT positive plug on the

He is obviously promoting GZT. The best short in town is GZT. Could even make a movie called The Big GZT Short.

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