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The completely honest & enlightened trading education company

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The completely honest & enlightened trading education company

Looking at a couple of threads recently and inspired by my favorite brand of cigarettes in the 90's "Death Cigarettes" and also the 1990 Dudley Moore movie "Crazy People" in which an advertising exec is committed to an asylum (as he does not want to lie to people anymore): (F word used, don't watch at work)

So premise established, complete honesty with prospective students what do we say?

I have no plan to do this of course but perhaps it has some academic value. If you want to add a line, just post it and it can be moved to the top. Some pruning required here already.

"Unless you have always been notably successful at most things you try, you will probably fail miserably at this."

"It will take a lot longer than you think, you have a <0.1% chance of being ahead of the curve." (Of course we have to establish a fair %)

"If you can't go out, it is better than bingo or doing nothing at all to slow your dementia."

"You need money and stamina to make money so if 16 hour days, 5 days a week makes you uncomfortable we'll take your money anyway. We can help you financially plan but you may need to make drastic lifestyle changes."

"We know that many people instinctively seek 'safety in numbers', need competitors to perform against or are just lonely, otherwise people would do 'zoomba' alone in their living rooms not in classes at the gym. It is just how things are, if you want to pay for classes when you could read a book, fine."

"Our instructors may regularly remind you of the Dunning-Kruger effect, this is for your benefit and relieves their stress sometimes."

"We don't have a forum as this gives trolls and pushy etc. students a platform, our instructor's time is better spent resolving any issues 1 to 1."

"You will need an appetite for risk to make any serious money, perhaps a history with surviving dangerous recreational activities."

"Non-psychopath people who seek to find meaning in as much of their lives as they can tend to do well as success this as a natural consequence of curiosity."

"If you have seriously read a lot of "self-help" books etc. you are possibly too emotionally compromised to ever trade live with confidence but if you have money and cannot trade, we will encourage you to invest your capital in the fund we also run."

"We could give you a very accurate psychometric aptitude test before taking your money but we won't as the online blow-back from people bitter over unfavorable results is likely more hassle than it is worth."

"If you have a good trade idea we may offer to spend time back-testing this with you. You will learn how to back-test and we will gain a potentially valuable trade for our fund."

We will probably have a retired guy who diligently takes the standard school marginal trades plus a few "advanced" and post his results (at class instructor's request or whenever a student asks). This will show that it is possible to make money and you will likely quietly blame yourself not us, if you can't break even.

We will post genuine/verifiable founder-and-master-trader results with silly big numbers sometimes. We know that you get an endorphin rush when you see big numbers and your fear of missing out will probably get you to pay for membership time extensions. e.g. attached. Of course you won't have 500k+ equity to trade like this but knowing it can be done gives motivation.

Free annual conference some weekend? We can sell some 1-to-1 classes on the Sunday afternoon which will pay for everything.

Anyway, ES is nearly back to the VWAP & CL short closed, off to my bed

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