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Ron's black swan events

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Are the North Korean missiles just state level theatrics intended to sway public opinion and not government?

It is not exactly a new idea, even in the public domain Tom Clancy's "The sum of all fears" 2002 has the same plot device, a bomb shipped in a vending machine. Why would Kim J-U put a fairly small nuke on a rickety missile when he could put it in some heavy plant equipment for shielding and ship it from South Korea? Once a country convincingly possess a nuke why even ship it? As a friend of mine says simply knowing you could have one already in Washington on a dead-man's circuit is enough. This has been Israel's position on it's own nuclear weapons, that they exist is sufficient.

It is my understanding that the US and USSR did exactly this as part of M.A.D., there was no flight time for the first A-bombs anyway, they were already in place in the respective capitals. It may be conspiracy theory but it is so simple it is probably true.

Like pre-911 with airlines, there are perfectly obvious threats that most are blind to. State theater.

The point being that the real game is played out at an invisible level so beyond theatrical chest thumping affecting markets is war actually even possible?

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