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This is what an ES meat shredder looks like

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That's small timeframes for you......chop you up


It could be we trade totally different, but when I look at the charts I can find no difference at all in how smaller time frames handle compared to larger time frames.

If it were true that smaller time frames chop you up, the question I would ask is at what point does a time frame become large enough that it no longer chops you up?

The only difference from what I can see is the expected ATR, which would alter your profit target and stop. Now of course if you're using really small time frame, the issue could be human brain cannot process the information fast enough to make the appropriate trades, therefore getting chopped up. So, in the end may be the same result, but I think it's important to understand that (not that you don't) I am just pointing it out, since didn't see it mentioned.

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