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Ron's black swan events

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The vulnerability is known for 3 weeks, I'm a bit surprised that it took so long for pirates to launch a massive attack like this one, so I don't think we'll see something similar soon (at least with this NSA tool call EternalBlue).
When this vulnerability was detected (old Windows machine are vulnerable, XP and 2003 Server) all the tools to launch such attacks were also available online to everybody: how to scan all Internet quickly to detect vulnerable machines and how to attack them.
I did some tests on a Windows XP machine in my lab and it was quick easy to get access to it, then do whatever you want (like encrypting all files).
The NSA coders are super stars, their code is very good, too bad that it seems to always go online to be used by very bad guys...

I agree @sam028 and I know what is out there, in a previous life i did setup the security
scan lab for one of the global payment schemes and i did see some demonstrations by
brilliant people doing a vulnerability assessment in that period i also got to know a few
guys who were active in crafting 'cyber weapons', for most people, this is more a topic for
a science fiction movie on a lazy Saturday night but that was reality...

It was the reason why i put the black swan event in the first place

I'm 100% convinced that if we get into a next 'global war', this is the type of things you
will see, on the one hand there are our smart Russian hackers, but also Asia has a number
of those batteries..

But then you will see many "zero-day" attacks, and it takes time to make a patch, and when
parts of the internet becomes unstable, it becomes difficult to deploy those patches...

Wait and see..

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