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Looking for feedback on a futures signal service I am considering starting

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Looking for feedback on a futures signal service I am considering starting

Hello fellow futures traders,

I trade the e-mini S&P 500 and use a proprietary system that generates signals. I've done quite well with it (about a 90% success rate with 5% break evens and 5% losses) and am considering starting a website where I sell the signals. I know that I will have to give the signals away for free for some period of time to display the accuracy of the system. So, I am looking for feedback:

Other than giving the signals away for a period of time, is there any other good way to prove the validity of my claims?

Do you think a price point of $500/month would deter people? I don't want to price it so low that I undercut myself, but I also do not want to scare people away. I figure I can offer to charge only if a certain number of points are earned per month, otherwise no charge.

Any ideas on advertising methods? So far, I've been considering Google pay per click, but there seems to be a lot of competition out there. My main concern is figuring out exactly how I can differentiate myself to show that I have a good product to offer.

Any ideas on how to prevent people from sharing the signals with others? Part of the reason I feel such a high price per month is appropriate is not only because of the success of the system (I won't charge unless it generates a 25 point profit per month) but also in the hopes that it will act as a deterrent from people posting it due to how much they are paying to receive it.

Thanks for your help. I'm not entirely sure if I am going to go through with this, but I figured this would be a good community to get ideas from.

If there is anything that someone feels I have overlooked, please feel free to comment. I'm still in the information gathering phase. I know I'll be asked this so I'll address it- why do I want to sell the signals? I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me to have my own business that is successful, and this I think is the best opportunity since it's a subject matter that I have a good knowledge about.

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