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AMP Trading data breach (70 gigs, ~100k files - customer data)

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Not really.

If there is a hole found in your security - it makes sense to ensure it is plugged before you alert people.

If the hole is still there - announcing it is INVITING more people to exploit it.

Thanks for your comments Pete. I agree with what you're saying. I think we are on a different page here though. There seems to have been a bit of conflict over whether the info has been made public on the net or if the vulnerability had been patched before customers were alerted as well as whether the info was in plain text as initially indicated or encrypted as per AMP's notice. I may have been a bit presumptive as to what the situation was early on.

I understand that there will always be vulnerabilities in software and hardware. There always has been. But my point really is why many of these companies it seems stores so much of our sensitive information unencrypted. Maybe I'm making assumptions again. Maybe I'm just a little cynical. Perhaps it comes down to a commercial decision, ie adding added layers of complexity and cost. I guess being in the vendor game yourself you would have a better insight than most.

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