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AMP Trading data breach (70 gigs, ~100k files - customer data)

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AMP Global Clearing, LLC (AMP) is sending you this notice to keep you updated about your data on our servers. We were recently approached by a Cybersecurity research company with a claim that they had discovered a vulnerability in one of our back-up file storage server.

AMP responded by working with its IT service providers to ensure all vulnerabilities were eliminated in that server. The Cybersecurity research company then confirmed that the vulnerability had been resolved.

We have worked with the Cybersecurity research company, to ensure that all proper steps were taken to safeguard our customers’ information.

We are in direct communication with this Cybersecurity Company and our regulatory agencies. They have confirmed the files they accessed are currently encrypted, pending the instructions of the SEC.

From our understanding, this company’s mission is to make the cyber world safer by educating businesses and communities worldwide, with the goal of helping to protect data, identifying data leaks and following responsible disclosure policy.

At this time, AMP is confident that there are no vulnerabilities on any of our servers.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our customer service representative

I received this very same email BUT all the links in it are referring to a different and suspicious domain "". The email source code shows the return path for "". For me it seems the email is a phishing email and looks like somebody is allready using the breached data. AMP support has been informed.

Anybody else or is this just me ?

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