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Advanced Trading workshop ATW

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Forgiven, my experience in the past with this has been fairly straightforward. And it applies equally to a program that was developed for free, and a program that was developed with encryption.

There are about 6 NT programmers that do that bulk of custom indicator development for the community of end users. With unlocked code, they can migrate the program for the customer to the new platform as a service (and do it all the time).

I'm in a similar situation now with an indicator from this site, the "Divergence Input Series" indicator. It's in the downloads section for 7, and not for 8. No one has any plans to develop it for 8, but I've recommended it to customers (who are using it) and have to pay to have it migrated (as open source) to NinjaTrader8. That was a free indicator. But the fact that those programmers can see the code - means they can migrate it over (even though it was a free tool).

The point is, make sure the tools you work with have that guarantee - that the vendors will unlock and distribute (doomsday) in the eventuality the company folds up their table. If they don't have an immediate well thought out response when asked, people should probably avoid that company IMO. Thanks for the thoughts on this though. It's a serious issue.

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when the platform it runs on like ninja 7 for example is not supported . how are the traders with third party b.s. software going to move it to ninja 8. the code is not the same. when you buy third party software you are hung out to dry sooner or later. the traders here up date the free indicators for a platform faster than the ones you pay for. ( if the indicator is not here for do not need it )

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