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Anyone looked at

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Slipknot, $3K is a small price to pay if it catapults you into consistent profitability. Perhaps it's too early to know that given you have two weeks under your belt.

You mentioned Fear and Greed were holding you back, but didn't say how these folks are helping in that regard. Is it the psychology, the method, or both that makes the difference for you?

After reviewing it, I believe the system has an edge. I also believe it is a good fit for my personality and goals. If I'm unable to trade it profitably, then the problem is me and not the system. It has nothing to do with THIS system per se, but was a general step that I needed to take to end a cycle that I was stuck in. (win, lose,, lose, tweak... repeat ad nauseum). As long as I was trying to develop my own discretionary system, It would never be clear what the true weak link was: the system, the trader or both. I needed to eliminate one of the variables.

I've spent 5 years on my technical education. Enough is enough. It became clear to me that the time to shift that energy towards developing a productive psychology was long overdue.

It really may just be as stupid as I needed to make an investment in something so that I wouldn't abandon it. I once paid several hundred dollars for some indicators. I continued to use them long after I knew they were worthless. Why? Because I spent a lot of money on them and to remove them was to admit I wasted my money.

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