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Anyone looked at

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Wow, that's a lot of reviews so far and noone is an actual member. We should keep reviews away from heresay.

If you want to learn how to read the market then eminischool is great. If you just want the turbo scalper then you won't be as impressed, nor will any mechanical system do it for you. It depends what you want out of it. All in all they give you a complete toolset and if you applied just what they teach you would be consistent. If you weren't then Sean would work with you until you were. They treat you like a friend there, not a member. In the last two months alone they've come up with a new way to scalp that they don't advertise. It's simple but an effective money maker.

There's a 1 time fee and no trial. I don't know what that one guy was talking about. Like I said, so far I've just read heresay and speculation in this reviews thread.

I am a member , have been for 2 years, and I'd give them 5 out of 5 as a vendor. Compared to the many vendors I've wasted money on, I actally got my money's worth out of these guys.

So, what kind of success--and by that I mean profitablity--have you achieved from your time spent at this "school."

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