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Topsteptrader vs Oneuptrader

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Topsteptrader vs Oneuptrader


I welcome Oneuptrader & likes of such.

From an auction market perspective,it puts traders on an advantage. There's previously only TST,now OUT.Buyer number stays the same,seller number grows.

So sellers have to compete.I guess with time,that will be reduced cost & less strict criteria after funding.Actually never risking more than 2 lot per trader while that trader passed a 15 lot evaluation is not a fair & transparent business policy.

I guess a business model of making money out of hundreds/thousands of losers per month who fail to pass will face a challenge gradually by this.

And hopefully will focus more on it's main mission of picking out the eligible traders & nurturing them to grow,in the process making money of these traders' skill & diversification of risk.

I looked at OUT site,they're somewhat cheaper & have clear rules for funding.In TST,I've to search a lot to get things straight.

Anyone currently going through Oneuptrader evaluation please share your experience.I'll apply for TST & OUT both.

In future,looking forward to launch of more funding ventures.More & better opportunities for traders.

Share your view/perspective on this.

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