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DOM education

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DOM education


Price ladder captured my attention.I think I found my niche.

So far the resources available for DOM training are-

2.Futex's associated with Futex)
4.Axiafutures(Pre-launch,Brannigan was in Futex)
5.Kam Dhadwar

I'm unsure which way to go.This morning I emailed,mail bounced back.I don't know with the modification of the drills whether it's still worth taking.

Other alternative is Futex which is priced at 650 vs 950.

John Grady's $1,550 webinars are worth attending.But I think I'll get more from it after finishing some DOM drills.Also as outside of states,I'm not limited to Bond markets-I actually like Bund's action more.

I seek insight/experience from other experienced members who took the same path.Specially on Futex as it took a blow on it's reputation in past & due to it's unresponsive customer service.

Pardon my bad English.

Thanks for reading.

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