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xls macro / vba programming

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I am using excel solver tool to analyze/optimize something.
The problem is I should do this in over thousand of lines, and Id like to avoid it to make manually line by line. Unfortunately I am not familiar with vba.

the task would be to minimize the value at CM3 by changing AK3 and CM4 / AK4 up to CM3637 /AK3637.

Any help is appreciated!

When you say that you are using the solver tool do you mean you are using the Goal Seek function or are you using something else?

When wanting to use VBA in excel the best way would be to see if the specific function in Excel can be recorded using the "Record a Macro" function at your disposal. This will give you an indication of whether it can be done.

If it can not be done using the "Record A Macro" function, then you could write a macro that changes cells AK3 and CM4 / AK4 in the way you desire and just keep track of the numbers that provide the minimum value for CM3. This should not be too difficult to do, but depending on the amount of data it can take a little while.

If you are not familiar with the VBA in excel basics, try finding a couple of online videos or lessons to explain them. If you have some programming experience and using the recorder, you should be up and running in less than a day.

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