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The Downside of Trading Futures

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No, I am not paid to represent Golden Zone Trading. I spent months observing Sean, and I actually acquired the Mastery Program components over time. So, I leave it to those who want to avoid the scammers to simply request a guest pass, and watch and listen while Sean trades this extraordinary, multi-dimensional system on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Also, visit their YouTube site. One quickly learns that successful risk management involves not only the types of indicators, but how they're interconnected with each other, market and volume profile, momentum, acceleration, and divergence. GZT has completed indicator for directional trading, continuation trading, and divergence (which will be codified, and released to members, this week). Sean has built, and continues to augment his vast experience and research. But don't take my word for it. Check him out. Be prepared to spend some time (which most will find easy to do, given the substance of his discussion). I, personally, am a very slow, but methodical, learner. I've taken substantial time to understand and organize risk management and money management assists, out of the gate. The very excellent Trading Journal he includes with the MP (which can be purchased from is very sophisticated, and will provide the feedback to let you know when you're ready to move from SIM to RM. This is by no means a "get rich quick" deal. You're purchasing a comprehensive, and well documented, education and continuing research and innovation effort. Markets change, and quarterly updates to range bar stop-tick settings, in the several futures markets traded, are scrupulously executed and distributed. One has only to see for himself / herself. ⭐

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Right on. Glad it has helped you. Sorry if i offended you in any way. Just when I see a price tag like that in this business i immediately turn and run, especially when indicators are involved. Maybe he is the real deal, i dont know. but in my experience, most information sold with a high price tag is essentially useless or simply not true and the guru who claims to know everything actually knows nothing. I have been there, but it did get me into trading so i guess i have to thank them for that!


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