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Projekt Fear!

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@DionysusToast am not sure why you broach this thread. I think in all the videos you have covered over the years you have given good enough explanation to almost everything you touched upon in the initial conversation. Your videos have extensive details. However one also needs to spend time to go over them.

anyways...the problem is just what people think...and not really HFT/Algo. Also if everyone thinks as HFT/Algo as predatory then its probably not the correct thing. Lol there are webinars on Fio and i dont think any of them were advocating use of Algo trading for predatory purposes. Taking example of equities where volume is many fold..if one does not apply HFT/Algo mechanisms the markets would not exist as it does today. When moving 2/3/4/20Mill . shares in equities of instruments which probably trades 30/40Mill a day if a firm does not have ways to buy or Sell without actual spikes in prices...they will loose or cause wild price fluctuations. Yes there maybe some hfts which could front run them...but bottom line its a HFT/Algo strategy a firm uses to trade these. Not sure if this is new info to any over here. Similar strats are ofcourse there in commodities/derivative markets...and used by props/hedge funds and many bigger traders who are either arbing or pair trading, etc against baskets of equities/etfs/etc or just playing the specific instrument.

Also Stop Hunts....if people have been in trading for sometime will know is not a myth and it will be their experience which will tell them when it is being done. I guess screen time and knowing Levels and Interests shown at those levels (Aggressive/Passiveness) should alert folks to what is going on. Sadly there is no 1 or 2 rules which one can spit out.

anyways thnx for the thread. Its a eye opener to understand what people think or know.

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