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2 weeks into Order flow

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the first thing i learned.. is looking at the dome can give you codnave distance ..you give the short term info more value than the longer term information. next do not make the leap of faith that all orders executed on the ask are sellers and the bid are buyers. if i am a trading algo trading the spreed between the ES and SPY and i have a 1000 lot limit order to buy and the market trades into may limit and that much gets filled on the ask...am i a traded trader now. no i am not a seller stuck short in the hole. next do not watch the damn thing all day long. record the first two hours of trading . replay and study what went on when you got to a area that should have held but did not ...then study the area that did. then look at a area that held but the move fizzled ,the one that exploded. you will build skill quicker. most index futures traders will have the 3 major contracts domes up side by side. so if your looking at a long on the ES.. they will not take it if the others are not lifting the bids too. i would start on bonds they trade much slower...but most new traders just have to trade the ES or oil that just can not help it. hope it helps

This is excellent advice.

Watching order flow can both connect you to the market AND cause overtrading by having you jump at shadows...

I would say that you don't need to start on Bonds. It's a matter of picking a market that suits you. You could, for instance play momentum moves on CL/ES that you'd only see once a month in the bonds.

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