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2 weeks into Order flow

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Grantx View Post
Since purchasing Jigsaw and watching order flow, my awareness of the market has increased dramatically.
I wouldn’t say that I have learnt anything new. I would describe it as obtaining a new sensory input. Kind of like those videos you see of people that have been deaf their entire lives and have medical implants that allow them to hear sound for the first time. Charts are important but they are a one part of a multi dimensional object.

I have been watching ZN,ZB,ZF, FGBL and what has been exceptionally interesting to me is how many people lose at this game. Part of my struggle was always this belief that everyone else was getting it right and making loads of money while I was constantly getting caught on the wrong side of trades. Since watching the order book, thankfully, I now see how insanely aggressive this game really is. Seeing orders constantly stacking and pulling, watching the nonstop thrust and parry, the huge battle at key levels has been really enlightening.

The funniest part is watching traders buying into a market that just keeps going against them. You can see the trapped traders and can imagine the pain they are going through. I have actually burst out laughing a few times at this.

It is still early days but I think that I have made the right decision to learn orderflow. I have only been watching for a week and a half now but I find that I hardly need the charts; in fact they are only there to draw a few levels as I get more out of watching the dom than watching a chart. It has made me a LOT less anxious, and I think it’s because I can now see just how much gets traded every second of the day and just how insignificant I am in this market.

Anyone else have a story about their first steps into learning orderflow?

Hi Grantx

You can find my own review of Jigsaw in the Jigsaw review thread. My review is very similar to your experience.

A suggestion on this thread though: if you are soliciting feedback on people's progress in learning Order Flow in general, then this thread should really not be in the Product and Vendors review.

If you want to talk about Jigsaw then I'd suggest using the existing thread review in order to avoid duplicates.

If you want to get the thread moved you can ask Big Mike or sam028.

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