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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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I think anyone looking at them objectively can see the combines are where they make the bulk of their money. Does that make them 'bad'? No. They still provide the opportunity. They were smart enough to come up with a model where they could actually make money giving traders a chance to get their own account. It just is what it is.


Yes, I experienced TST for awhile and was in combine for about 4 months. It was very good experienced.

Think of TST like this using the 30K combine, $1500 trailing drawdown as an example:

1. Using your trading strategy can you make $1500 without hitting a $1500 drawdown? In other words, if starting with at $1500 trading capital can you earn another $1500 in profits?

2. Can you do step 1 3 times? 1 time for Combine, again for FTP, and again for Funded account? So actually, you would have to start with $1500 capital, and make another $1500 three times. Also, if you get to the funded account and hit drawdown while trying to make $1500 or break a rule, you start alll over again from Combine.

3. Can you do the above with 1-3 contracts? 1 will be better to avoid $1500 drawdown.

If your trading system back testing data show your system can get past all those steps, you should start the TST Combine. If not, don't take the risk until you can.

The gotcha with TST is the starting drawdown balance and making sure your system does not have a drawdown of $1500 if using the $30K.


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