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You are right, there is no such thing as slippage with a "Limit" order. Might you be referring to a "Stop Market" order? If that is the case, this has nothing to do with NinjaTrader as your order is resting at the exchange. If you reach out to our customer service team, they can help you identify what's going on.

I use stop limit and limit.

The word from Ninja trading/order team is that a 'stop limit' does not sit on the order book and can get slipped up to 20 ticks in my case. He didn't know how to change or if i could change the 20 tick limit and pointed me to platform support email.

Is this now correct that my stop limit is not really a limit order as such but an order with a 20 tick slippage attached to it and if i'm really unlucky and the price blows through my 20 tick limit i wont get filled?? Doesn't sound right..

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