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Futures FX and Donchain Channel

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New City, NY
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Nqcruiser, thanks for the update. I was feeling that it may just be a bunch of hype. Can I ask how he can get OEC's market delta for free without opening an account while you're saying you need to have an OEC account to get it?

On a side note, I realize the question I was asking about how long it took for people to catch on to Simon's tape reading was a relative one where it would be different for every person , but I was hoping to get an idea if it was something that was more an art (sort of a feel) which would take much longer to learn as opposed to what Nqcruiser mentioned that he looks for his capping at support/resistance. The sarcastic comments from the peanut gallery (aka vegasfoster & cory) do nothing except maybe make them feel like they are some big ass traders, but in reality it most likely comes from their insecurity as traders that they have to put other people down to build themselves up. Grow up!!!

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