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Futures FX and Donchain Channel

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I want to eat my words and confirm to all and sundry that futuresfx is a highly rated site full of hype. in practice, simon moves stops and he has the stupid money management idea of when he looses, to double or triple next trade to get it back,. i stop going to his website and webinars, he uses a simple donchian channel of twenty and entices traders with a free marketdelta that works better than all the delta indicators, as it runs on oec. u can get the same indicator from them without simon's system tough u need to open an account. main thing is, he waits when orders dry up which he calls by seeing a 0 at one side at critcal levels. u can do the same thing with volume ladder just watching when one side dries up at critical s&r levels. there is no need absolutly to purchase his system. he calls the drying up of one side capping. well the info on it is secrett but watch when 0 comes up at either bid or ask at s&r levels and u got yourself same thing is simon.

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hey mate thanx for the question. I am since 2005 in forex and since 2007 in futures. I have tried,with varying success, the following outfits:
Learn Forex Trading With ForexMentor | Forex Trading Courses
Futures Trading Secrets Trading Course - Strategies and techniques that will make you money!
E-mini Day Trading
and many others.

No one of them shows you his or her trading screen, with the order entry, and shows exits. Simon, on the other hand, does show each and every trade he takes in the room. the room, really, is a mentoring forum, showing how he takes trades with the method he teaches. surely, his very presence and sharing with students takes away from his own trading, as he misses opportunities while helping students. he has a larger account that he trades in the euro session or us session outside class. however, his daily class is there to show students how he reach his goal of 500$ a day, which he exceeds on many occasions.

i give him 5 stars. Simon, of course records his sessions and encourage students to record their own trading, so that they can go back and check what went right and what went wrong.

plus prospective students are allowed to visit the room and see the action. he has a special method with the delta, particularly the bid and ask,which u wont see on this forum or other forums.but the delta is an adjunct to his method and plays second fiddle.

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