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Anybody heard of topsteptrader (review)

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My associate just informed me that TST is highlighting 'Scott Morris' of 'The Oil Money' as one of their presenters, at the TopStep online expo. . . I'm afraid this largely makes the decision I'd been struggling with for me, and takes me off the fence.

Any company that would lend legitimacy/credibility to such a man and such an operation is not one I'd be willing to highlight or speak positively about without extreme caveats. I don't mean to be unduly harsh, TST, but I'd strongly urge some better vetting, if you're interested in preserving or improving your reputation. Scott has been mentioned here and elsewhere, by myself and several others, as being the epitome of all that's wrong with the trading marketplace.

He's a huckster and hype-man, nothing more. He'll find programmers capable of throwing any useable utility or indicator together, and instead of focusing on vetting said utility or subjecting it to any type of objective or scientific-method-guided testing, he'll instead focus his energies and efforts on advertising, in which he'll all but guarantee his product will put you on easy street for the rest of your years. It infuriates me to ponder how many traders hes destroyed in this manner, how much idealism and optimism hes driven into the ground with his false promises and edge-less utilities. I really don't like being negative, and this forum's lack of negativity is one its best traits, but in cases like these I think its warranted, and more than that, I think its important.

I'm disappointed, and more than a bit surprised. I would've thought perhaps they'd use as a resource to at least double-check the names of those individuals they chose as 'experts' at this expo, but to each their own. I don't mean to defame TST here. . . mistakes can be made, or perhaps they've simply been misled somehow. Attempting to give them the benefit of the doubt here, and not 'judge', but I think my decision is made.

Thanks for all of the helpful info/context in this thread, especially those that chimed in with personal experiences!

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