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i am very sorry if i made a comment that was degrading .... you received a hard time from me and jonny boy...because.we know the vendor... he has posted pretending to be a user...he does that kind of stuff...he also hypes the software... cherry picking screen shots an takes advantage of new traders ..3000 with no free trail or support ... over the long run if he quits the software will the uses less at some point...let me give you an example said you have OFA well so do i..i paid 10,000 for life time software and education 7 years ago. well guess what DB. changed ever thing around and i had to pay 1400 for ninja and just F the life time education ...we have new instructors you have to pay now.. thousands... you see vendors have to keep selling you stuff...Jonny Boy is a good guy ..he is looking out like me for new trader...i ask this vendor for a free trail and he refused. now i would like to look at your stuff my self....i would like to know how it works i have a open mind... and you can post any thing you want as long as it is on subject.. i do not think your a vendor now so if i can help with anything send me a private message...

Hey, no problems. As per my comment to JonnyBoy, I thought you guys were judging the product (harshly) by the promoter.

I know there are no free trials, not sure why, but there are plenty of opportunities to review it live if you register, get the signals in advance & attend the live review. Not sure if this happens every Wed & Thur, but I have been getting regular emails providing links to signals in advance. I'm just reluctant to watch reviews/webinars during trading time - which in retrospect is a little stupid. As I said previously, most days recently I have been watching a friend's screen via screen share (for evaluation purposes only of course). Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes I forget to watch it as I'm concentrating on my own setups. Apart from Flux signals, he / we (group of 4, 1 other also uses Flux & other stuff) use divergence tools, market geometry (trend lines, channels, pitchforks, etc.), and more stuff than I want to list.

If anyone wants some ideas on drawing lines on charts, have a look at John FTSEman on YouTube. He does some really interesting videos. Look for Action Reaction Lines (ACR) for example. His videos started off very amateurish (sort of still are, but he's not selling anything), but they've got some very good content. I found an ACR line (after the event) that picked the bottom of the crude move on Friday exactly. Just wish I saw it beforehand.

I'm surprised you couldn't sort something out with OFA, I didn't think JB was that much of a hard ass. You must have bought the legacy system before the move to NT at that price. I have the last NT version before release of the algo package. I still use it, but couldn't trade with it alone. Overall I've found the OFA people and product very good. They really made a blunder with the Chip Cole Bonds course though. From what I saw on the guys twitter feed he had plenty of money, but he sure wasn't making it during the live trading room I paid good money for. He could have got breakeven, but I doubt anyone that followed him did. I didn't try to see what happened in the end, I just stopped paying. A couple of other trainers were very good with either courses or trade rooms, but I just couldn't see the things they were seeing in real time. I started my own room as a breakaway from the Bonds course and we had one of the other OFA traders join us. After a while we went in different directions.

The trade results I posted previously were outstanding. Including a SIM trade that I forgot I put on, I would have made I think 190 ticks from a 132 tick range day on CL (the SIM was running concurrently, the other trades were separate). I crashed and burned Friday giving a lot of profit back. Not following my (basic) rules, not seeing the obvious, etc. Most of that was from the London open to the S&P open. I only posted that stuff to show I'm not completely full of shit and that the BTTF signals made sense on the day (even if I didn't have them at the time). I'm yet to claim I've "made it" as a trader, despite spending 10, 12, even 18 hours a day researching, testing & trading. Keep thinking I'm close, then get my arse (ass) kicked.

I'll consider some of you other comments etc. when I get to it. Thanks.

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